Add On Services Menu and Spa Packages
Extras for your pets' health or just plain pamperi

* Teethbrushing- We brush their teeth  with a NEW brush and paste and apply Petzlife dental gel that continues to work hours after the groom. $5

* Medicated Shampoos (we only charge for shampoos that have long soaking times)
Choices include: Oatmeal shampoo/ Herbal anti-itch shampoo/ Neem oil shampoo for dry skin/ Medicated mint soak/ veterinary shampoos you provide. $3-5

* Nail Trim (Without a groom)-  If you walk up or have another pet being groomed while we are at that location-$13. If we have to drive to your location without any other services-$40

*Nail Buffing (dremmel)- Nails are trimmed with an electric dremel tool to reduce snags and scratches on you, your floors, and your dog's coat. $7

* Blueberry Facial Treament- a tearless, hypoallergenic soothing formula that cleans, brightens, and leaves a wonderful blueberry fragrance! $3

*Extra Deshedding Treatment
- An amazing treatment that once you try you will want everytime. A heavy enzyme/conditioner treatment with a pleasant spa fragrance is applied to the coat after bathing - soaks for 10 minutes while being brushed out and then rinsed. Once fully dried we use special brushes to remove more coat.  It allows us to remove tons more hair at the time of treatment! The coat is left shiny, soft and with less shedding! We've used this product for 1 year and know with regular use it can reduce shedding up to 70%! Truly a  new miracle product! Varies based on coat type and size. $10-20

*Basic Dental Care Treatment and Take Home Care Kit- A teeth brushing and treatment of Petzlife dental gel to the teeth and gums. You get your choice of Petzlife salmon oil gel or Petzlife dental spray to take home to start reducing plaque!  $32

*Anal Gland Expression- Some pets do not hae the ability to release their glands. If you notice a bad odor, or your dog is "dragging" his butt on the carpet- most likely he needs this done. We do an external expression of the glands and wash the rear area. $5

* Eye Stains Treatment with Take Home Care Kit- This spa package includes the blueberry facial treatment, and stained hair clipped away from eyes if possible. An Eye Envy stain treament is applied. You take home  an Eye Envy kit to continue the treatment daily at home to get rid of stains in about one month! We like this treament because the pet doesn't need to take pills or powders. Everything is applied to the hair. Eye Envy really works! We use it on our show dogs! $45

*Dyeing or Patterns in the Coat
- We can dye coats or sections of coats many colors, permanent or temporary dyes. We can do stencils for holidays, parties, sports events- anything really!  Also sculpted patterns out of hair like christmas trees, hearts and other requested things. All custom jobs require prior consultation. $10-$100 depending on job.

* Pawdicure Treatment- Your dog is first given a nail trimming, and a smoothing buff on the ragged edges. Then her paws are soaked in a soothing anti-itch shampoo and conditioner to soften and heal pads.  Her pads are shaved of hair and the edges are trimmed to reduce slipping. Nails are painted in your choice of designer colors $20

*Nail painting- After nails are trimmed, we paint the nails in your choice of designer colors! French manicures available on the most well behaved pets. $5 /$10 french.

*Handstripping -(terriers/spaniels/some "doodles")-click here to go to the handstripping info page.