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We have discontinued cat grooming services in our mobile for the time being. Please call the salon above for Jennifer's unique expert care of felines. Sorry for any inconvenience

We personalize each cat groom to fit the owner and cat's needs, so call us to get a qoute and discuss how we can solve the coat issues you are having with your feline.

For Cats, there are many choices, for example:
 Degreasing bath with organic shampoo and hand fluff dry with comb out (this removes the most shedding hair)
Lion cut for mat removal or to reduce shedding
* Sanitary trims and belly shaves
*Soft claws nail caps application
*Longer all over body clips (1/4- 1 inches left on the body) 
*Toe tuft trims
*Deshedding treatment

All visits include:
* Brush out and minor deshedding
*Bath and hand fluff dry with comb out
Ears cleaned
*Eye area cleaned

Nails trimmed

Pricing: Mobile Cat groom pricing starts at $100 for grooms. Cat grooming only available on Wednesdays. Visit our cat salon website above if you need lower prices and more availability.

We Specialize in Low Stress Cat Grooming!
Member of the National Cat Grooming Institute of America

The mobile grooming format is PERFECT for cats!  Cats require special care and attention. Stress is bad for the cat and the groomer. Not many groomers will attempt cats, but here at Paws At Your Door, we love kitties and have groomed more than a thousand to date. Jennifer has taken special hands on training at the National Cat Groomers Institute in safe holding techniques, haircut styles, behavior, and stress reduction while grooming cats. She is the EXPERT on cat grooming in the Twin Cities area. She succesfully grooms the cats other refuse, or those that have been sedated previously at the vet. Experience and professional training in cat grooming allows her to safely and postively complete the cats others cannot. Also the cats know the Jennifer enjoys grooming them and respects them.
Most cats don't like to go in their carrier, get in a car, and then sit for hours in a noisy, dog filled salon. Actually, that's a kitty nightmare!
With our mobile van, we pull right up to your door and  groom your cat in one hour or less. Only your cat is in the quiet, calm van. We even use a special pheremone made to calm and ease cats. 
We only use cat safe products, and never restrain them except with our hands ( cats should never be put in a grooming "noose").  We offer baths, brushouts, lion trims, shave downs, longer trims, sanitary trims, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and deshedding treatments.

My Cat Needs Grooming?
Grooming a kitty on a regular basis can:
  • Reduce hairballs
  • Reduce shedding on your clothes and furniture
  • May reduce allergies in the home - especially for pregnant women
  • Removes or prevents matting/tangles
  • Gets rid of the "greasy" looking kitty- grease is what creates those mats on the long haired kitties!
  • Prevent or diagnose fleas
  • No more odors
  • Keep sanitary areas clean of litter and other unpleasant things
  • Nails are short and less likely to scratch furniture
  • Happy cat- Happy owners!
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